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Centre Space & Keith Brymer-Jones Join Forces To Celebrate Spode Workforce

Keith Brymer-Jones (Great Pottery Throwdown) is working alongside Darren Washington (Centre Space) to produce an instillation to pay homage to the workforce of the Spode site.

The instillation is set around a collection of hand thrown ceramic beakers with a special Spode inspired pattern, individually numbered representing all men, women and children that worked there.

The work will be accompanied by a soundscape of ex-workers talking about life on the factory floor.

The show will be set within a recently acquired space courtesy of the Spode Museum Trust and Stoke-on-Trent City Council and will run from Mid September till the end of November, with its final weekend playing part to the Stoking Curiosity Festival.

The project is supported by Make International, Arts Keele and BCB.