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Cultural Champion for Hanley - Joyce Iwaszko
Joyce Iwaszko

I studied MA Fine Art at Staffordshire University and I have worked as an artist and lecturer in North Staffordshire for over 20 years. I was born in Belfast and grew up in the seaside town of Bangor, Northern Ireland.

In 2014 I designed and painted Middleport Pottery café wall, a commission from the Princes’ Regeneration Trust. Currently I work from AirSpace Gallery and co-curated the art exhibition DUST. The exhibition showcased the work of 29 local artists working in a diverse range of media, touring each of the 6 towns to promote the city of culture bid.

In my role as cultural champion for Hanley I have initiated the visual art biennial DUST Rising to give local artists the opportunity to thrive and engage with audiences who live, work in or visit Hanley. The artwork was shown in various locations such as the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Bethesda Chapel and EN Gallery as well as eateries along Piccadilly, encouraging a cross fertilization of businesses, heritage and art spaces. The community of people I have worked with on this project has helped support audience engagement and impact. (More recently a smaller iteration of DUST Rising was shown at the Stoking Curiosity Festival at Spode).

Hanley is full of interesting buildings steeped in history, with warm and friendly people, art, culture and heritage is at the heart of regeneration and economic development. My aim is to demystify ‘art’ and make it part of everyday culture.

Cultural Champion for Hanley - Joyce Iwaszko