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Rob Fenton & Tom Edwards

Rob & Tom were both born and bred in Stoke, and are graduates from Staffordshire University’s Faculty of Arts Media and Design.

We co-run Entrepreneurs Network, a creative agency based in Stoke on Trent who specialise in a huge range of projects such as mural work, commissions, youth workshops and screen printing.

It’s a huge privilege to be asked to represent Longton as the joint cultural champions. We have strong ties to the area and are very passionate about pushing for a creatively led regeneration for Longton and the city as a whole.

Our city wide New Horizons mural project takes inspiration from other cities such as Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow where large scale murals and public artwork help reinforce the identity of an area, inspire the people who live and work nearby and brighten up otherwise neglected, grey walls that are so abundant around the city.