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Guest Post | Lidice at the Houses of Parliament

The following is a guest post from cultural champion for Fenton, Alan Gerrard.

Lidice Lives is a non profit making organisation which celebrates the role played by the successful respective international campaigns, Lidice Shall Live (UK) and Lidice Lives (Americas) in rebuilding the village of Lidice following its destruction at the hands of the Nazis from the 10th June 1942 – Summer 1943, an unjustifiable reprisal for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich – euphemistically known as Operation Anthropoid.

For the last few years, in particular, we have been promoting links between Lidice and Stoke-on-Trent, raising awareness of the Lidice Shall Live campaign in Stoke-on-Trent and beyond – and have run a number of bilateral projects in conjunction with the Mayoral Office in Lidice, Prague and the Lidice Memorial.

Throughout the 1940s the Lidice Shall Live committees and fundraising events were organised across the nation. Lidice Lives would like to ensure the positive message of this legacy be disseminated to all these participant cities by including the recounting of the Lidice Shall Live campaign in the PSHE Y5/Y6 (for example) or by the respective councils building Lidice Shall Live into their cultural strategies. 

On Tuesday 3rd September between 4-6pm we are hosting a Parliamentary drop-in session at the Houses of Parliament in association with Jack Brereton MP for Stoke-on-Trent South in order to celebrate the positive legacy of the rebirth of Lidice, to promote the work of Sir Barnett Stross in leading the campaign in the UK, and to promote the work done of community remembrance in the United States, Latin and South America. 

Together with Jack we’re inviting other relevant MPs and Lords to drop in, at their convenience, to find out more about Lidice today and how it continues to have a positive effect on communities around the world! 

We would like your support raising awareness of the event. Please like the event if possible and tell your friends that it’s taking place. It’s a powerful and inspiring message built on the foundations of internationalism and friendship. 

The link to the Facebook event can be found HERE